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TDM Types:

Digital Trunk (PRI/T1/E1)

When recording TDM environments, a physical connection is required for each trunk. Digital trunks accommodate multiple voice channels over one circuit.
Line interface cards are used to interface with digital and analog trunks in order to record calls.
The RECITE recorder gathers matching information via CTI or SMDR in order to provide detailed information about the recorded call, including date/time of call, extension information, agent information, caller ID and number dialed.
Only calls passing through the trunks will be recorded, eliminating internal-to-internal calls.



There are two types of call recording for TDM trunks: Passive and Active Recording.

Passive Recording is completely transparent to a telephone system. A passive integration involves the recorder passively sniffing (monitoring) a network for audio and call information to copy to the recorder. There is no impact to the telephone system at all.

Active Recording involves a switch-level integration that requires additional data from a CTI application from the PBX or a third-party vendor. This additional data facilitates an extended set of call controls, delivering greater flexibility and functionality as a result of the interaction between the call recorder and the PBX.

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